Monday, June 30, 2008

Woolfest joy in the Lake District

I'm back!! And ready to flash ma new stash!

Above: Krafty Koala merino/bamboo sock yarn in a luscious Chocolate Cherry Ice colourway.

This fabby Yarn Yardage Requirements card by Ann Budd - I found it a little late, after having spent the morning walking around with handwritten notes in a wee pad.

I also printed off my Ravelry queue using the neat little print icon next to the queue. It's frigging genius and I love Ravelry! It prints of a wee thumbnail pic, the meterage requirements, and the yarn weight required.

There are 4-5 queued projects per page - I asked the boy to guess how many pages were printing in the yarn room as I rushed about packing for Woolfest...

His guess? 3 pages.

Reality? 29 pages.

4 skeins of Manos Silk Blend which is so yummy I could eat it! And below, 2 skeins of Fyberspates merino/tencel sock yarn - with a 10% discount for being on Ravelry. I love the colourway.

Above; some Trekking XXL in a colourway I've been after for ages (I realise the photo's upside-down, but I couldn't be bothered, OK? I've a new project waiting for me to finish blogging and get back to it)

And finally, below 700g of DK 100% wool for a bargain £20!

We were in the Lake District - so really an opportunity not to be missed, bird-watching wise ... The clouds however, felt differently. Dropping down to car height they ensured nothing could be seen, and damp, raininess was everywhere.

These shots are of Haweswater - it took an age to get to it. More if you include the many times we passed the turnoff and had to go up and down the motorway a few times (but shh, don't mention it to the boy - he gets awffy cross when he gets lost - especially when "we're wasting precious petrol!". Oh, and also English signage is apparently "crap!" We're now saving for a tom-tom...)

So we finally get there, and step out into the drizzle to find that the hide (1 mile away) shut 5 minutes ago ...

We also went to an Osprey viewpoint just next to Keswick, where we were staying. Turned up 5 minutes too late to view the nest there too... The shot above is the boy watching the chaffinches and wee birds instead.

And an arty shot of the trees on the trudge back down.


sienna said...

Your photos of the country are so beautiful! What a stunning place to live.

That Fyberspates colourway is fab. What pattern is it destined for?

TangledFrog said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend was had! Want that book! And that Manos yarn...wowee!

Kathleen said...

You did well! In particular I'm loving the Fyberspates sock yarn, the colours look gorgeous.
Still laughing at the 29 pages of Ravelry queue print-off! x K

Mary said...

Were you wearing your new Central Park Hoodie at Woolfest? I walked past someone who I thought was you but I was too shy to say HI!

Your stash additions are lovely.

Rosie said...

Sounds as though you had as much luck with the opsreys as I did with spotting red squirrels (sigh). I love the way those large hanks of DK match your photograph. I must get my Woolfest photos transferred to the computer...