Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Paparazzi - the natural way

We got a new toy to play with - a digital SLR (Canon EOS 1000D for the curious), and it has been such a lot of fun! First I read the manual about apertures, shutter speeds (ISOs?) and depth of field.

Then I snapped the cat and took what I think is my favourite picture of all time. The detail in his cute little face if you look at the Flickr version is amazing! He looks so peacefully you'd believe he was sound asleep ... which he wasn't. He was closing his eyes to try and avoid the pain of yet more flashes going off in his face. (Just kidding ... or am I?)

Then I snapped my knitting, and played with depth of field on a yummy skein of Old Maiden Aunt cashmere (I wasn't very good at it).

Then we went out 'in the field' for some of nature's paparazzi fun. I promptly forgot all about apertures and the like, and took all of the photos below with the auto settings/focus. The camera makes a great kat-shh noise - even if they added that noise in, I wouldn't care! I feel like a real photographer.

The Kelvingrove Heron (the new one - s/he seems to have scared the regular Heron away). I got really close (we are still waiting for our telephoto lens to arrive) ...

... too close in fact, and scared him away.

Then I pointed and shot at the trees, and got some rather good (if blurry) pics of blue tits and squirrels.

And lastly, a couple of kissing pigeons framed by a triangle of branches.

(They all look better when biggened on Flickr)

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