Monday, March 02, 2009

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ...

... I dunno, gotta put something in the title section. It's been a long Monday, and I couldn't upload yesterday cos Flickr had 'hiccups' - which is funny the first time, but not after you've hit refresh 900 sodding times.

Anyhoo - I made pancakes last week - not for Shrove Tuesday, as I have knitting group that night. More of a pancake sunday really.

Remembered that we forgot to buy a special pancake turning device - like the fish slice thing, but bendier - last year and vowed once again to buy one so that next years pancakes will be easier to flip. (No, I can't just flip it - pancake making is stressful for me, and I'm not wasting it by sticking it to the ceiling!)


We are also getting into the spirit of spring (I realise the weather is forecast for heavy snow tomorrow - I am in denial) and started meddling in the garden. We built ourselves a dead wood pile. I'm pretty sure that the neighbours think we're bat sh*t crazy, but *meh* we want bugs 'n beetles n' things so that the birds come more.

It was a long dark few months after coming home one evening to some feathers on the ground, and zero birds after that. Local cats I think.

We built a much higher, safer bird feeder, put multiple tasty treats on it, and waited. Tossed out loads of snow-laden damp uneaten food. And waited. And waited some more. And finally, this weekend were rewarded with the return of the sparrows!

Also a pair of cheeky starlings who made off with their own weight of fat-cake ... they cost us a lot in bird food. Surely they can get their fill of food from the Asda carpark along with the rest of their kin muching on crisps and Doritos?

I was desperate for some flowery colour, so we bought some primroses, mini-daffodils, crocuses and roses. I know - a true gardner's plant - I think we'll probably kill it, or infest the neighbours' roses with some rose-killing disease by accident... anyone with any rose-living tips/links please leave them in the comments.

We've also been walking around Kelvingrove Park in the mornings before work in the past week and came across what looks like a guerilla knitting project ... different coloured yarn tied to branches all over the park - could this be for birds nests? Does anyone know anything about this?

Tried to Google and found nothing... I'm so curious!

On the knitting front, the never-ending lace stocking stitch scarf continues to grow 1 mm for every 10 hours of knitting. I'm going to my knitting group tomorrow night and I shall not moan about it, just knit on, zen-like and calm in the face of lacey-adversity*

Bye for now!

*Disclaimer: this blogger cannot be held liable for emotional distress to surrounding knitters, should her zen-like state crumble and descend into a whinge-fest...

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Twelfthknit said...

Hmmm, pancakes....
I was thinking about you on Sunday. We were on a train-trip up a valley to see a new mountain(as if we haven't seen enough;0) when I saw a heron in a field. It was a bit bizarre - there it was in all of its 'Just look how majestically I can balance on one leg' wonder, miles from any water. It looked as if it was in some kind of Zen state, so I guess it was happy.