Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The never-ending scarf continues. I could put up yet another pic of the same scarf, but really ... as beautiful as it is, I think you've got the jist!

Our router little green light changed to a red light for some inexeplicable reason on Thursday. Who'd have thought such a small light could bring so much sadness? Rang my dad and went through reinstalling router, resetting router, changing all leads and bits for other leads and bits. Restarted computer about a bazillion times. No joy. Without the internet my lovely expensive laptop became nought but a worthless rectangle of metal and plastic.

Phone Tiscali's technical help to get told the line is fine and that is the full extent of their technical help ... visit PC World's techical help who look at (and don't touch) router and tell me it's broken and point to where the fresh new ones are. *Sigh*

I nearly wept when that little green light finally went on again 56 hours later. It's amazing just how much we use the internet for every little thing these days. We were going out for a meal on Saturday somewhere in Edinburgh and couldn't logon to get the postcode for the satnav. I had eBay things selling that had ended on Friday night, so had to get my dad to read out all the addresses of what had sold over the phone. And most importantly, I couldn't get onto Warcraft!!

We also had some fun with the washing machine *crackle* bang ... wait for the washing machine guy to come out on Saturday to tell us the motor's gone and it's flatlined. (He's so lovely, he didn't even charge us for the callout!)

Of course we couldn't get on the internet to check out which machine we should buy to replace it (The boy and I discovered that we can't make an expensive consumer move anymore without checking loads of consumer feedback websites)

Then I rave on about getting a Dyson rollerball hoover, and the next day smoke starts curling out of our (crappy) existing hoover. Boy doesn't believe I haven't sabotaged it in some way ... *pleads innocence*

Dad helpfully tells me how to fix it a few days later (bugger!)

My chores in the house include hoovering and doing washing, and my main distraction in Warcraft. Do you think that cosmic forces were at work to make me finish the never-ending scarf or what?

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Kathleen said...

Welcome back to net-land. I tell you, I could easily do without a TV but I'd be climbing the walls without internet access now. Thank goodness it's all back up. x K