Monday, September 18, 2006

My weekend

A pretty pic taken on the way back from Inverness to Glasgow - I put my green-tinted sunglasses over the camera lense for more atmosphere [yes I was a bored passenger...] - pretty, no?

Oops... I fell into K1 Yarns and stumbled over the Twilley's Freedom Spirit. Am gauging for a pair of arm-warmers. I had a nano-second of sensibility over the current mountain of WIPs and settled for only 2 balls realising that I couldn't create another heavy-duty WIP with only two balls...

It's knitting up with a nice colour-change at the moment, although the yarn isn't very tightly spun so the stitches have a tendency to merge into each other as they 'spread out' over the needle.

Another summit-type shot - it broke the monotony of arguing over whose iPod was better [mine obviously!] to try and take photos with a camera with dead batteries. (Take batteries out, rub vigorously in hair to create static - camera operates for a further one photo. Repeat)

It's easier to win the iPod fight as a passenger by the way.

And finally, huge thanks to everyone who helped me with the arm-hole measuring problem [and also to Kathleen for the pocket-shaping problem - I can't face frogging back those 4 rows just yet!]

I even had an email of help from the Central Park Hoodie designer herself - Heather Lodinsky - a knitty celebrity!

It was obvious once everyone enlightened me of course - but for anyone out there who doesn't know how to measure an arm hole [nope? just me then?] - you measure straight up from the cast-off edge to the needle. Either by placing a needle across from cast-off end to cast-off end for guaranteed straightness, or by measuring from cast-off 'tip' straight up to needle.

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scarybez said...

I love that green tinted photo :)