Thursday, September 14, 2006

Problems, problems

This week I've been working on "Under the Hoodie" and "Central Park Hoodie" - and I've hit a bit of a snag with both ....

OK - Central Park Hoodie - see my hand-drawn diagram below [click on the image to open a larger image, then click the image enlarge symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner]

The pattern calls for me to "work even in pattern until the armhole measures 8 inches" So do I:
a) measure from the edge of the piece (where the first cast-offs for the armholes began) 'as the crow flies' to the edge or,
b) curve the measuring tape around the armhole and measure this way?

My instinct is a) - am I right? The last thing I made armholes for (Bella - still a WIP) I just guessed...


And the 2nd problem : Under the Hoodie - shaping the pocket.

Those who know me and were at Tuesday's Stitch n' Bitch will know how proud I was of the ability to pick up the stitches for the pocket - thanks to Kathleen's help. Trust me, this was no easy feat - we're not talking just sliding the needle through the stitches of a knit fabric - there was more! Anyway - enough of that! My problem:

"Border Pattern for pocket (worked over 5 stitches)
WS rows: (K1, P1) 2 times, K1
RS rows: K.

Shape Pocket
Rows 1 and 3 (RS): Work 5 border sts, ssk, work [knit] to last 7 sts, k2tog, work 5 border sts.
Rows 2, 4, 6 (WS): P across, working first and last 5 sts in border pattern.
Row 5 (RS): Knit"

I'm 4 rows into shaping the pocket and I think I've done it wrong. For the RS rows 1 and 3 should I just be knitting 5 sts for the border stitches because that's what the border pattern RS row calls for?

Or should I be doing (P1, K1) 2 time, P1 because thats the border pattern in reverse? Surely they would have just put k5 if that was what the pattern meant?

Whadda been simpler to do that ... wouldn't it?

Anyways - can anyone that can clarify? Pretty please? It's wretched getting reined in by a pattern when I was galloping along.

Just as I was typing this post I got an email from Katharine at K1 Yarns - I need to go there ASAP! She has new stock including Freedom Spirit - I've been waiting for this to arrive plus new Noro colours! mmmm.... come on boy - pick me up from work so that I have time to get there before she closes at 6.30!


Kathleen said...

Neither a nor b! Good job you asked. Vertically straight up from start of cast off to your needle. Okay, panic over, off to read rest of post now. x K

Kathleen said...

Okay, next one, on right side, k your 5 border sts. So in other words you are knitting right across the R/S rows. x K
(Btw, some people advise taking your armhole measurement a bit in from the side, from the relevant row up to the needle, but definitely vertical, not diagonal or curved.)

Rosie said...

Kathleen's beaten me to it! I second everything she says. I measure the armhole by measuring up to the needle. I so love that shade of green. And as for the very tempting Freedom spirit...well, guess who had such a time selecting one shade that she had to buy 2 balls of each of 5 colours. And you know all about me and Noro. K1 Yarns sounds like my kind of place.

2paw said...

Yep!! you imagine a line striaght out horizontally from the casting off under the arm, and then draw another perpendicular ( straight up at right angles) That's the line you measure!! I love the colour of your hoodie!!!!

sue said...

Yes I agree with the other bloggers, you need to measure from your needle straight down to where the cast off was done, no curves or anything like in your drawing. Your color is very nice by the way, what are you knitting it in.