Tuesday, April 04, 2006

And so it continues ...

And so the right front has been frogged this evening... New plan. To knit a few inches - match the dropped stitch ladders with the left front and drop them early.

Then later on at the reverse shaping stage where I believe I should be dropping a stitch in accordance with the pattern I can simply run my eye down to double check that it is in fact correct.

My only worry now lies with row that states:
"cast off 3 stitches at beg. of next row" <-- now how do you reverse the shapings on that? you can't cast off at the end of a row [believe me - I tried!] anyone?!

I've been listening to my first podcast tonight on iTunes - Cast On by Brenda Dayne - brilliant!

The boy is away at an [enforced by his work] evening class every tuesday for the next 12 or so weeks so I have taken over the 'couple couch' with knitting and listened to knitting radio. Very cool!

Episode 10 "Bitch and Bitch" she talks specifically about the whole Sew Fast Sew Easy / Stitch n Bitch saga. Very interesting.

What else have i been up to this evening - well I frogged my hat - bollocks'ed it up. I seem to have lost the ability to knit at the moment - everything I knit ends up being frogged *sigh*

I also seem to be in total denial about the fact that I have a craft stall in 3 weeks. I havent knitted any covers for ages - for reasons I cannot go into on a public blogs [but which my fellow stitch n bitchers will be aware] things in my private life are a bit challenging to say the least at the moment - and all I want to do is knit for myself. Selfish - but I need it!

And i'm coveting a hooded jumper from 'Simply Noro' - it only takes 1000g of Noro Kochoran ... at approx £106 ... anyone got any good substitute ideas? I'm currently thinking Colinette One Zero - I think it will substitute well but given my current knitting trend can anyone confirm this? I have lost all knitting confidence...

Anyway - back to the right front of Bella and Friends.


Kathleen said...
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Kathleen said...

Okay, there is one tiny thing I can help you with. The reverse of c/o 3 sts at beg of next row is, finish one more row and cast off the first 3 sts of the next row on the same edge(armhole, neck whatever) as the other side.
You have already done this on the back if you did it first, but it tends to be spelled out more in the pattern on the back.
As for the rest I can only commiserate, but you'll get there, it will really suit you in the end. x K

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