Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Magknits Vest top and not enough time!

Loving this vest top from this months Magknits - added to [long long long!] list of works in the queue.

I received the Stitch n Bitch journal for my Christmas - which should be the perfect place to keep up with planned projects, planned projects for which yarn has been bought, WIPs, yarn looking for projects and so on and so on!

But my knitting life moves faster than I can possibly catalogue it!

And then there is the full intention of updating my blog on a weekly basis ...

The problem is that too many hours are wasted earning money for my knitting life!

A discussion at last Tuesday's Stitch N Bitch meet - maybe I could have a baby, then I could stay at home. I could name my baby Rowan if it is a boy, and Noro Blossom if it is a girl.

Ok, so there are a few holes in my grand plan - babies cost money, take alot [alot alot!] of time, make a lot of noise which would make me lose my place in a pattern... and I don't have a single tiny insy-bitsy maternal bone in my entire body!

Hmmm... the boys response was to question why the baby couldnt be called Anakin or Leah ... Geeks together we are!

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Steven_Anderson said...

Princess, it's Leia, not Leah. But anyway think i prefer Obi-Wan for a boy and Mary-Jane (from the Spidey comics) for a girl

Mwah mwah