Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tuesday 25th April

On my sticks this week:
Still plodding on with the sock and baby blanket - spent a lot of time preparing for the stall last Saturday [read about that
here once I update it]

I have made a 'work' blog to talk about the stuff I make to sell - I feel a bit uncomfortable writing about what's going on with that section of my creative life here - I always feel the need not to go on about it too much, feeling like it's self-promotion-y and sales-woman-ish.

I am filling in my app. form to join
secretpal8 - thank you Jen for leaving the info :)

I have not yet attached the sleeves to my Bella - perhaps I will take it to this Sunday's Stitch n Bitch meetup for help. I have a meetup tonight where we are all to take along our cast on methods and teach each other different cast on techniques. I have noticed with our wide range of European and international members that there are many different ways of casting on - yet most people seem to stick to their one cast on method for all projects.

Most coveted at the moment:
These absolutely stunning glass buttons [which seem to have been stuck at the top of my post...] from
bauble - currently being sold through Laughing Hens. I've never ordered anything from Laughing Hens before but something tells me that I might soon...
Koigu Yarn which ever since I saw L holding aloft her stunning sock at the last meetup I have desired most fiercly - it is mmmm-mmm! Delish! The colourways are divine - esp. the greens!

Most listened to at the moment:
Still Brenda Dayne's podcast - she has recently gained funding from the Art Council for Wales and is about to go out and about - also to Woolfest - my Mecca and place of desire following I's raves about it last year. I am branching out to other knitting podcasts, but at the moment my fav. is still Cast On.
Incidentally I would like to get a few crafty podcasts for my mum ot listen to - she is a keen paper and card crafter - does anyone know of any podcasts catering specifically to paper craft?

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Ignoble Jen said...

Ha I never realised I met you tonight at the SnB!