Tuesday, April 18, 2006

So whats on my sticks?

Well with the craft fair looming of Saturday I of course am working on my sock! [In denial that Saturday is so near].

Thanks to I for sending me her groovy toe pattern - I am having to frog the first sock as it is too big. Am currently emotionally unable to do it yet, so have cast on 2nd smaller sock until I can face the challenge.

Right ... the boy is home, so back to the sock! I have more to chat about - esp Brenda Dayne's Cast On podcast - does anyone have any idea how to access the shownotes?

And also, Secret Knitty Pal - this sounds like much fun, the brief snippet that I head about it on the aformentioned podcast - does anyone have a link/more details about this?


Ignoble Jen said...


I hope this helps

Beverley said...

Hi if you go to www.cast-on.com it will take you to the notes that support each of the shows.

soCherry said...

cheers jen & beverly

i think i've been looking a them all along - i thought that there was a link on cast-on to a scripted version of the shownotes - but i think now that her blog entries ARE the shownotes?

hmm... am an idiot!

bycelebs said...


Yess Good,
I hope this helps