Saturday, June 17, 2006

Friday 16th June [take 4]

Yesterday I didn't get any knitting done - not a stitch! Instead we went into town to get postal Pat things sent. Amongst my packages were these two hats - donated to the Dulaan Project. A project to help bring warmth to the people of Mongolia who endure extreme temperatures during the winter of between freezing during the day to -40 oF during the night.

To be warm enough means to get to work and to school. And so - via Brenda Dayne [whose's podacst
Cast-On highlighted this charity to me] I sent these 2 hats. One of Kid Classic, and the other Noro Silk Garden.

This was not an entirely selfless act on my part - during mental pleadings with The Man Upstairs I did promise to donate to this charity upon the safe return of my suitcase full of Barcelona yarn.

I can't wait for the hat recipients to get their hats - I hope they love them, and more importantly that they bring warmth. I have a warm fuzzy feeling :)

[I have tried to post this 4 times, with image adding attempts numbering approx 23 *sigh*]

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