Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I'm back!!

Barcelana in Barcelona! Lana = wool in Spanish.
So day 1 of our trip to Barcelona. First stop - the yarn shop!

[For those going - get off the Metro at Jaume 1 (yellow line), and walk down C/Argenteria - Brosili 1 is a side street on the left about half way down. If you reach the funky tshirt shop with a donkey on the balcony above then you've gone too far! Closed Mondays and Saturdays]

This is me after my [first] visit clutching some beautiful cotton sock weight yarn with slubby multi-coloured cotton, and some wool/silk sock weight yarn.

The shop was lovely - I had a chat with the woman inside using my Spanish phrase book and K's Castillian, and we managed to piece together a conversation! The yarn selection is a fiesta of colours and there was plenty to keep me going. And so cheap!

It is priced by the kg, and I managed to get 600g of chunky weight deep purple merino yarn, 400g of the slubby cotton, and 400g of the wool/silk sock yarn for 60 euros - which is £41. *gasp*

I'm trying to be excited, but currently my suitcase is lost in limbo and so all this yarn is not mine yet. I wrote an enormous emotion-filled post last night about the whole affair, but today am going to [try to] be zen and say that while 3 days have past and no airport has yet found any evidence of the existence of my suitcase, there is still hope ...

Moving swiftly on before I cry again ....

I of course required a second visit to Barcelana - mental shopping made me realise that there was more that I needed. It is definately worth a visit - although there is quite a lot of [lovely] acrylic, and I could only get either sock weight or chunky weight yarns when I went.

Absolutely beautiful as they were, at the cheap prices, if they had stocked a DK/Aran weight yarn I would have bought enough for a jumper. The colourways of pretty much everything was fantastic - I love lively colours, and they stocked it in abundance, as you can see from the photos. In cotton, silk, merino, wool [sheep and goat].

And there was a cool bead shop in Barri Gothic, [can't rememer quite where, just off La Rambles though] - although prices were comparable to here.

The textile musuem wasn't 'wow' but the gift shop had a funky range of buttons at average prices.


Anonymous said...

Thigh rub, argh, I share your pain. Yukky as it may sound, I find that a well-chosen pair of shorts worn under a skirt can helped.

From a fat-bottomed, big thighed girl

soCherry said...

:) thanks - i did get some cut-off trouser things to wear beneath my skirt ... tights were quite good to - but only in the evenings - i don't like tights at the best of times, but in 27 degree heat, no thanks!

[i deleted this bit of my post for those scratching their heads! I had thigh chafe in Barcelona cos I can't wear skirts on their own!]

Kathleen said...

Barcelana looks WONDERFUL! Let me at it! Thank goodness your case has hit terra firma too. x K