Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Knitting World Cup

Progress on the Jaywalkers has come to a halt due to a broken dpn. This is my first time knitting with birch dpns - I have only ever knitted one pair of socks previously and I knit them with metal dpns. But with air travel the way it is I had little choice if I wanted to gauge and cast on in time for the start of the Knitting World Cup.

I'm reluctant to change to other needles at this stage, and I know that Brittany are fantastic with customer service and will replace my broken needle. However I think I may change to metals anyway and hope that my gauge will not be affected too much.

I think the tension may be tight anyway as flying makes me v. v. tense, and I was knitting to take my mind off wings falling off, planes falling out of the sky etc etc.

But this aside I'm loving the pattern - it's easy to memorise, and this yarn brings out the best of the pattern and I can't wait to finish it.

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