Sunday, June 18, 2006

Saturday 18th June

My Secret Pal gift! - So cool! Thank you so much - I love these cakes - they are really different. I immediately went to buy ingredients for one of the recipies.

How it should be...

My attempts ... Nigela Lawson I ain't but these taste delicious! The recipie states to take them out, add marshmallows and place under the grill for a few seconds to toast the marshmallows.

My tip would be: If you have a combi oven don't put the marshmallows on whilst waiting for the oven grill to heat up. The heat of the cakes caused slippy marshmallows leaving trails as they made bids down the edge of the cakes - By the time I toasted them, they were marshmallow puddles.

Thanks again my secret pal - I had great fun with these, and will post photos of the other recipies I try.

It was not really a very good crafty day yesterday - I started off by trying to make a sock bag for my secret pal - and promptly burnt myself on the hot steam from the iron. I thought it was OK, but it was a pain that just kept giving - putting a sharp end to my crafting.

After a few hours nursing frozen peas on my tender thumb I was able to continue - I seamed a sleeve on Bella and FINISHED the boring baby blanket!

Just the weaving and blocking to go and it is over! I will take photos later.


Midsummer night's knitter said...

well done on the baby blanket. I also got Secret Pal-ed yesterday - contents coming to a blog near you in about, oh, half an hour.
Do you have any Aloe Vera gel in the house? I keep some near my cooker. It really does work in the initial stages, don't know how it would go applied now. I unwittingly did an experiment when I missed one of four burns across the back of my fingers - the one without the AV
blistered horribly, the other 3 didn't and healed very quickly.

soCherry said...

Ooh, Aloe Vero - I never thought of that. I must get some, it worked quite well when i got sunburnt once