Sunday, June 18, 2006

Jo Sharp vest

A FO!! I finally got around to adding the i-cord vest straps to this - it didn't even take me that long since I have the magic i-cord maker. I have no idea why I proscrastinated for so long.

It was made from a free Jo Sharp pattern booklet brought back from Melbourne by a friend. [Although it mentions that the pattern is also available in "Contemporary Knitting 2"]
The yarn was Jo Sharp Rare Comfort Kid Mohair [3 x 25g balls]

If I made it again I would def. knit it in the round - mohair and seaming are a bitch - although sewing the straps on was made easier by the fact that my messy technique was hidden in all the fuzz.

I've had a productive day - also finishing Bella, the baby blanket and my grey/orange diagonal striped scarf. My weaving in needle has gone walkabouts though and so I am denied the opportunity of completing these. But as soon as I do I'll blog it.

I'm off to update the list of works "in the queue" for my sidebar - since I just noticed that it only has 3 in it, and I have about 100 ... and continue with Branching Out in Kid Silk Haze.


Midsummer night's knitter said...

could you be persauded to bring that pattern with you on Tuesday so I can have a look-see?

soCherry said...

Sure - no probs :)

Bobbi said...

It looks great!