Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Wednesday 21st June

Phew! After leaving it far too late I have just managed to find a double room in Keswick for me and the boy for Woolfest. It was such a struggle that I'm beginning to worry that I won't be able to squeeze into Woolfest itself for the sheer volume of people!

Got some more dpns for the Jaywalker [still plural at this stage] and have started knitting it again, although I have moved onto working with 6 dpns as I find it easier.

I have been listening to more podcasts - I have found It's a Purl, Man to be a hoot - a blog "about a guy in Boston with yarn issues". And also Knitcast is terrific. I have only listened to one episode of each, but am definately subscribing to both.

I have another 8 or 9 more episodes from other knitting podcasts to listen to and then I can create a 'Most listened' list in the sidebar.

You may notice that [or maybe not - probably not that interesting really!] that despite announcing in my last post that I was off to update my works in the queue list, there have been no updates.

I have been racking my brains for an efficient method of cataloguing the patterns I want to make [all sitting in mags, books etc with yarn label markers sticking out] and the yarn stash. The main problem is that a list of pattern names, yarn, gauges etc will mean nothing to me in a yarn shop without accompanying pictures. Scanning and printing takes a million years on my [1st generation] iMac, colour copying is too expensive, and tearing pics is utterly out of the question.

I tried to use my Stitch n Bitch journal, but I filled the pages already and only a quarter of the patterns are covered. Plus I have yarn in my stash that is 'assigned', yarn looking for inspiration.

I'm thinking that a book divided up into yarn weights is the way to go. With subsections in each section for patterns and yarn stash available. That way I can best utilise my stash - which is beginning to take over my craft room!

To anyone still reading please remember that I'm a library assistant - you may think that this is anal, but orgnisation is the key to happiness ... [I'm going to die in a library aren't I?]


Kathleen said...

Just catching up on my reading. Your Jo Sharp vest is looking really good.

soCherry said...

Thanks :) can't decide whether to wear it or my yellow alpaca vest top on sunday ...

will see what the weather is like


Midsummer night's knitter said...

Hi ELaine - I have a money off voucher for Scottish Fibres - it can be passed around friends and printed off loads of times. I've sen to Lilith and a few other folk - send me your email and I shal pass it along to you,