Sunday, July 30, 2006

And all the rest ...

I had planned to upload photos of everything that is currently in progress, and a couple of FOs [baby blanket, and Colinette Point 5 scarf] but everything except the above and my Jaywalker [still singular] are currently buried in the yarn room.

We are in process of putting more shelves in there as my crafty goodies are bursting from the shelving and boxes. The shelves are also a WIP, hence all my room is currently stacked in on corner... and I can't access my yarn *gulp*

The WIP above is Misty Garden pattern by Jo Sharp, knitted from Bernat Satin that I bought along with some Bernat Handicrafter Cotton [for the iPod cosies]. I just bought it because I wanted to feel it's texture and that's impossible over the internet. It's 100% acrylic [stop shuddering Lilith and India] and I thought when I got it and realised its squeakiness that I'd just put it up on eBay as I've become such an yarn snob these days.

However I found myself at a bit of a loss earlier - pmting, angry and in need of some knitting. I knew that any beautiful yarn could potentially be ruined the mood that I was in, and all my WIPs are just too precious. So I picked up this, knowing that it's cheap therefore no matter if I arse it up, and found a pattern. At first I tried knitting a vest top with it on metal needles, but ... well ... you know when metal cutlery hits a metal filling? Oh yes ... so I changed to Brittany.

It seems a bit of nonsense knitting 100% acrylic with birch needles, but I'm happy to have a project that has no *danger* to therapeutically knit when pmt strikes. You know that mood, when everything is going to sh*t, but actually it's because pmt is actively hunting things to go wrong just to find a vent?

oh well - back to the cakes.

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