Sunday, July 30, 2006


My latest cupcake venture - Lamingtons - mini-cupcakes.
An australian cake with a sponge-centre, and cocoa/icing sugar covered with dessicated coconut.

It took me a while to get a 'technique' for dipping the mini-cupcakes into the cocoa/icing sugar mix then dipping in coconut then putting on a cooling tray without leaving fingermarks. Squewers in rotation seemed to be the best idea.
I used silicone cupcake trays to bake these - my first time [thanks Lakeland Plastics for stocking them!] and they really really don't look like they should go into an oven at all. But they do, and don't melt or anything - although *tip* they are still roasting-a-rama to the touch once out of the oven! Rubs more aloe vera onto the wound...


Anonymous said...

Your blog always makes me feel hungry- yum!

cyndiq said...

Hi love all your cooking adventures! In australia we just melt chocolate and smidge of copha to thin it, and dip in chocolate than the coconut. i try and buy the coconut from the health shop so it doesnt have sulphur as its bad stuff. cyndiq