Thursday, July 06, 2006

Woolfest animals

I never thought I'd be bothered by the livestock section of Woolfest [having a fear of sheep due to their evil eyes ... ] but I have to say I really enjoyed it. There were loads of cool sheep, alpacas, angora bunnies, little lambs and stuff.

There was a moment, during my hunt for India where I realised that sheep were being let out of the pen heading in the general direction of me. I turned to exit into an aisle and found all the gates had been shut and the sheep were galloping, taking up the entire width of the aisles. They were off to be sheared for us knitters to watch. I managed to leap into an aisle to safety, but keep a keen eye on closing gates signalling another potential stampede.

Aww - the pretty pretty alpacas having a wee sit down in the scorching heat of inside the Woolfest arena. The metal roof, fibres and thronging excited women turned Woolfest into a sauna. Not to be deterred I wore a vest and soldiered on!

I didn't take any pics of the Angora bunnies cos I thought the flash going off might give them a heart attack - they were so small and vulnerable looking. It was a bit too dark in their hutch to take a flashless photo.

Little lambling

Rasta sheep - poss. Wensledale? Until it's spun I don't have a clue! Stash haul news to follow :)


Kathleen said...

He he, like your furry creatures!
Anyway, the real point is, thanks for the stitch markers, I tried them out last night. I love 'em!

soCherry said...

wish I had some angora bunny pics too ...

glad you like the stitch markers :)