Sunday, July 30, 2006

SP Thank you #1

Rather belated pics from the fabby parcel received from my secret pal last week. A stunning grey/brown fleece colour [no dyes at all] aran weight yarn. Its 100% wool and I have decided to make a bag with it - initially I thought about having a fiery orange lining - however now I'm thinking a lime-y green will look perfect. I'm thinking asymetrical cables across the bag to make a fun autumnal style.

Thank you again SP - I love this!!


SP said...

The lime green looks like a good option; love the idea of the random cables! Glad you liked the yarn.

scarybez said...

Is that yarn from Dereham in Norfolk? Is there a yarn store there?? I'd be interested to know as I visit Norwich quite a bit.
ps: I love the scarf in the post above!

soCherry said...

The label says Dereham Norfolk - but I'm not positive that's where my SP got it from - I will find out :)