Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Vogue Knitting Magazine Fall '06

Loving these socks above - although I think I'll probably just look at the pattern - this is WAY above and beyond my current knitting capabilities!
The front of the pattern below is really interesting to me - cabling fun - this could be used in some form for the bag I'm planning to knit with the beautiful yarn (images soon!) recently sent by my secret pal. I'm dying to do some kind of freeform experimental cabling.

Vogue Knitting Magazine (out in the US August 8th - the UK *shrug* who knows - watch K1 Yarns website for latest news)
Can't wait!!

Knitsimple also has a sneak preview including a fabby "tie under boobs, bell-sleeved shrug" thingy. (but I had already added the pics to this post and couldn't be bothered starting a new post!)


Ignoble Jen said...

Just looked at the preview of both publications and they look great!

I love Vogue Knitting, it is surely my favourite knitting magazine. Have never heard of KnitSimple but will check it out. Does K1 stock it?

I can recommend the Oz title Yarn, but very hard to come by

Bobbi said...

I can't wait to do these socks!