Sunday, July 30, 2006

SP thank you #2

I received another SP parcel on friday after work - a lovely start to the weekend! I am overwhelmed SP - truely I am.

Gushing words and exclamation marks will not suffice here - however ... she made me an absolutely fantastic scarf in her own design, with a variegated Wendy's yarn and chain stitched details. It's stunning, and I do sincerely appreciate the work that has gone into this - I totally love it!!!

Hesitant to say I can't wait for winter [as I am enjoying this lovely summer so] I will say instead that I can't wait for the opportunity when I can wear this! Thank you so much SP! :)

I also received some gummi bears that are gelatine free and I can eat to my hearts content worry-free of migraines.


Ignoble Jen said...

WOW! That scarf is beautiful it really stands out and is just, gosh I am actually lost for words.

If your secret pal is going to flog the pattern please tell her to look me up. I would be over the moon to get my hands on it.

Lucky person!

Kathleen said...

You look lovely in your new secret pal scarf.
By the way, I didn't know gelatine was implicated in migraines?! A good hint. :-)

SP said...

I can't tell you how much fun I've been having doing the spoiling, have used it as a brilliant excuse for excursions to yarn shops in the next county, trips to the seaside etc, etc and have been busy indulging myself, too. The scarf is huge fun to make, and the first one developed from a mistake made when I was making a bag in Kureyon yarn. I've also made it using Gedifra Soffice. I'll put the pattern up on my blog once this round of SP has finished.

soCherry said...

Hey :)
Jen - once I know my SP's identity I'll be adding her blog to my link and will let you know :)

Kathleen - welcome back! hope you had a good time. it's not gelatine per se that causes migraines - but pork does [for me anyway] and so pork gelatine can also.

I'm that sensitive to it on its own .. but as my migraines are cumulative I generally avoid it in case I've been eating other triggery things / bad weather / pmt etc, and this just tips the migrainous scales!

SP - I've also found that researching for SP has given me new interests in things I hadn't previously considered - like lace knitting. Although I have been quite lazy and used the internet and k1 yarns [L.Y.S] for my purchases.