Friday, August 08, 2008

It has begun

It has begun! I got to see the amazing drummers counting down the start of the opening ceremony and a nano-second of the fireworks, and then I had to go back to work as my lunch was over.

So I didn't get to cast on until a couple of hours later in my teabreak.

The atmosphere in the Ravelry Ravelympics group is electric! There's an Opening Ceremony Stadium Parade where all the knitters are parading around a virtual stadium waving their sticks and yarn in the air. There's stats so you can see your event and how many projects are in, and how many are complete.

I'm in Vest Vault, and there are 222 of us knitting vests.

There's even a souvenir booth!

Here's my progress so far. I had a brief panic as I realised that I hadn't thought about the maths involved in converting the flat pattern into the round; would the repeats still work with seam stitches omitted? Would the rib work with less stitches?

I also hadn't thought about how exactly a chart with RS and WS works when there is no longer a WS ...

I thought about all of this in the hour before the opening ceremony. Fortunately Ravelry came to my rescue!

To convert a flat cable chart to the round is easier than I thought. The RS will have any cable crossing 'stuff' and the RS is just worked as is.

The WS usually has chart symbols like 'P on WS, K on RS' - so you just pretend that your WS is a RS, and follow the RS stitches instead. i.e. Knit where it says purl and vice versa.

I'm planning on posting each night at around 9pm with my progress over the next 17 days. Let the games begin!

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