Thursday, August 07, 2008

Twilley's Freedom Spirit VestTop

Taa-daa! Finally a break in the rain to take some pics of the finished Twilley's Freedom Spirit Vest Top.

I modified the pattern to knit in the round, which was quite a mathematical feat for me. To remember where it says 'dec 1 stitch either end every x rows, x number or times (76 stitches)' that it should be 74 stitches, because I had to omit 2 stitches for the seams ...

(I breathed in ALOT for the shot above ...)

I think the decreases worked really well.

I had a slight problem with the neck decreases because I decided that 'dec 1 st at neck edge every 4 rows' meant every right side row only. Why I decided this I have no idea, but it meant the decreases were spread over 8 rows instead of 4.

I just overlapped the fabric at the shoulders before seaming, and no-one can tell but me...

So that's me. Ravelympics are tomorrow!

Luna Moth - not finished. Pinwheel sweater - not finished. Ah well!


Paula said...

It looks great. I love the colour.

Kathleen said...

That has turned out lovely. I think it really suits you. Good luck in your Olympics. x K

Flavaknits said...

Its looking good - as is your entry to the Ravelympics!
Have fun!