Sunday, August 24, 2008

when I'm counting it means don't speak to me...

So close ... I only had 11 rows to go.

I'm so tired that I have no words - I've been knitting frantically all weekend and am a bit disappointed that I failed this Olympics too.

Ah well, there's always Vancouver


Paula said...

Oh no. Thats so close to finishing.

Anonymous said...

I hardly see that as failure, Elaine. What I see is a beautifully knitted tanktop made in a very short period of time - you should be proud!

Well done - can't wait to see the finished thing, if you can bear to knit those last 11 rows. Your hands must be so sore! x

TangledFrog said... it wasn't finished before the torch went out, however, it's STUNNING and will look lovely on you! Love it!